Dirty Jobs in the Lowcountry

Dirty Jobs in the Lowcountry: RentDumpTrailers

Charleston, S.C. (WCBD)- You spill, they fill.

Trey Langston, the owner of a waste management service, says he’s seen trash piled up in homes nearly three feet high!

In 2015, Trey and his dad Jerry started the family-owned business, RentDumpTrailers. Today, the pair spends their time running cans, picking up trash, and performing mass clean ups. Trey explains that the business uses 7 and 14 yard dump trailers to remove junk and trash across the Lowcountry. Rentals are priced by the day, dump runs, and weight, so customers only pay for what they use.

Langston tells News 2 that each work day is different. Sometimes he is working with sawdust or concrete, other times he may be up to his knees in trash and while he has grown accustomed to the smells that come with the job, he tries to stay clean when interacting with customers. He explains sometimes this means showering on the side of the road using a jug of water: “You never know because we could go from the landfill and dumpsters into a nice apartment community within a matter of hours so anytime I can sneak away for ten minutes I grab a quick shower try to keep a clean shirt on”.

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